Nov 11, 2008

Yes, I Have Vancouver Game Company List

I was surprised when Charina, a career service advisor at the Art Institute of Vancouver, where I'm teaching HLSL classes at night, told me she's been using my own list of Vancouver game companies for a while.

I started the list when I was looking for a job in Vancouver area, and then I decided to share it on the net for those people who are dying to get into this industry, as I did. But after years, I was not sure if anyone is actually checking out the page, so I was kinda slacking off at my-own-self-made duty.

But apparently, someone is still benefiting from this list. So I decided to keep updating the page.

You can find the list at

Enjoy, if you are really serious about being a game developer.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, I'm one of your followers bought your books and described your Youtube channel.
    I really inspired by your articles and videos.
    Now I live Korea, and I have plan to find work at Canada as concept artist in this year.
    I found some of Vancouver game companies list from "game dev map' but I still need more information.

    Could you give me a companies list by e-mail? Because I aleady check your link, but that link is not exist.

    If you do, it could save me.
    My email :