Jan 24, 2009

Steve Jobs is Just an Icon

As soon as Steve Jobs took a leave for 6 months due to the his health problem, Apple stock was hit heavily. A lot of news were pretty much saying "without Steve Jobs, Apple is fucked" As you can guess, the Apple stock declined for some days. So I bought some Apple stocks.

Why? Because I know Steve Jobs is just an icon. So many people think he was the one who make iPod happen. But that is not true. As Steve Wozniak, another founder of Apple and who designed the first Apple computer, said in his autobiography,iWoz, iPod was already being developed even before Steve Jobs rejoined the company. Steve Jobs is there because he has such incredible presentation skills which make all the Apple products look better.

About one or two weeks after Jobs took his leave, Apple disclosed the quarterly earning, which is pretty darn healthy. And now a lot of news are contradicting themselves by saying Apple is not just an one-man company, and all the Apple engineers are really making it happen. Jeez, thanks. How much money did you, news creators(they are not reporters at all.. are they?), make by buying Apple stocks after first news and selling them back after second?

Don't get me wrong. I like Steve Jobs. He's a great dude, but people tend to think him bigger than what he is. He is just an icon, and maybe that's why one of his unofficial biographies is callediCon.

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