Aug 15, 2009

If you are still chasing the dream after 5 years or so

If you find yourself chasing your dream, failing to achieve it, after 5 years or so since you seriously started to try, here are a short list of things you need to think about in order:

  1. Am I lazy?:  Are you really seriously trying hard?  Or is it just your well forged mean/excuse to avoid the reality?  If you were/are the one who likes to blame the surroundings for why you couldn't chase your dream to begin with, you are likely one of those lazy people.
  2. Am I stupid?: If you don't invest right efforts into right things that lead to the goal, you are likely ended up wasting time, thus failing to achieve your dream.  I found sometimes people do something which is actually time waster just to have the secure feeling of they are at least doing something, which I interpret as "doing something" = "wasting time".
  3. Am I unlucky?: There are times when you do absolutely everything diligently and smartly, but you still fail because of something you have no control over.  And the unfavorable condition might magically last for more than 5 years...... eh..... probably not.  If you, while reading it, are now agreeing with this idea by saying "Oh yeah, I have been unlucky", with 99.9% of the chance, you are a big liar, too scared to admit you are doing something wrong.  Additionally, you are probably lazy and stupid, combination of #1 and #2.  I only saw one person who were truly too unlucky to achieve his goal, and you are not the one: he's dead.

The order of the above checklist is actually very important.  Most people are lazy, some people are stupid and very few people are unlucky.

Kidding Ourselves

It's either one of two.  We are either doing something for our future, or doing something to believe we are doing something for future.  Wait, there is a third case too: simply not doing anything whatsoever.

The last two are equally bad.  Some people might argue at least doing something is better, but how can you argue that brainwashing is good.  The implication behind brainwashing is enormous: we might waste years after years chasing a phantom.  And one day we might wake up and realize we are kidding ourselves.

Today I picked up a new book in which the author complains why she had to learn all the lessons by herself, and why there was no teacher around her who could teach her this black magic.  Isn't it my case too?  I had to do, or chose to do, everything by myself, and somehow I'm sharing the lessons I learned with other people, hoping they wouldn't waste the whole years......

Aug 3, 2009

Only Skills Should Talk

I'm one of those people who truly believe in skills.  In other words, I do not like talkers, backstabber, or anyone who tries to climb up the food chain by playing politics.  Those people disgust me pretty well, and if I see a place where those people are allowed, I tend to question about the place, too.

I might be the one who's living in a la-la land, and there have been multiple people who tried to tell me that's just how it works in reality.  But they are wrong unless they were saying that's how "usually" things get done.  I know one thing from my experience: those who try to find their reasonings from the majority rule are simply making excuses.  You can very easily try to justify yourself by saying "oh everyone does that, and I'm just one of those. So, I'm fine."  The truth is that you are not fine if you really have to justify yourself by hiding yourself in the crowd.  If you are doing something right, you wouldn't need to find any justification for yourself at all.

Extraordinary things are not in the realm of majority rule: it's rather minority.  If you wanna stay ordinary, then go ahead.  But I'd rather be anything but ordinary.