Aug 15, 2009

Kidding Ourselves

It's either one of two.  We are either doing something for our future, or doing something to believe we are doing something for future.  Wait, there is a third case too: simply not doing anything whatsoever.

The last two are equally bad.  Some people might argue at least doing something is better, but how can you argue that brainwashing is good.  The implication behind brainwashing is enormous: we might waste years after years chasing a phantom.  And one day we might wake up and realize we are kidding ourselves.

Today I picked up a new book in which the author complains why she had to learn all the lessons by herself, and why there was no teacher around her who could teach her this black magic.  Isn't it my case too?  I had to do, or chose to do, everything by myself, and somehow I'm sharing the lessons I learned with other people, hoping they wouldn't waste the whole years......

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