Jul 7, 2010

This and That: Video Game Optimization

  • NVIDIA Texture tool 2.0.8 is released: Do I see anything special? No.  I really wish they would re-implement the sharpen filter, which used to be available on Texture Tool 1, soon.  It's scheduled to be done in version 2.2. (who knows how long it will take though?)
  • GPU Pro is out.  I heard this will replace the long running ShaderX series.  The name is little bit snobbish, I think. :)
  • Eric, the author of Real-Time Rendering, recommended this book, Video Game Optimization.  I'm not aware of any book which is dedicated to video game optimization.  So I'll surely check it out sometime soon
  • Python 2.7 is out.  Despite of C#'s growing popularity I believe people still use Python in game industry?  So enjoy.

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