Dec 12, 2010

Opening Questrade Account

So I've finally decided to open an account with the cheapest online broker in Canada: Questrade and I was really surprised how easy it was.  (one of the reasons why I finally did it was to shuffle around my TFSA as suggested by this article) It was 2 years ago when I opened an online brokerage account last time with ( now ) and it involved mailing of an application form and a void cheque.  With Questtrade, I was able to use e-signature and online banking bill payment service, instead.  I still had to send my photo ID, but Questrade accepts any document through their file upload system, so I didn't have to send anything via mail!  It is definitely the kind of service I love to use!  (I prefer to deal with business through email and web than in-person... too much hassle, you know)

So I was able to open my account in 15 mins without dropping anything to the red post box! That's exciting.  I'm not sure how I would like Questrade compared to ScotiaiTrade, but according to MillionDallarJourney, it seems promising.  (Oh also there is $50 coupon on that web page, so if you want to sign up, make sure you take advantage of it).

I'll keep you posted how I like Questrade.  (well, I can't help but ranting here if any company sucks, anyways :P )

p.s. btw, don't get confused.  This is not QTrade.

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