Jan 24, 2011

6 weeks paid sick days

So one of my students got a new job in a game studio, and being his awesome teacher, former "sorta" lawyer and good buddie, I reviewed the job offer for him.  It was pretty standard contract for game industry: non-competition, flexible work hours, 3 weeks vacation, and... WHAT?! 6 WEEKS PAID SICK DAYS?

Yes this is real.  The contract didn't use the term "Sick Day", but it is explained very well in plain English.  It says some thing like this:

if you can't come to work because you are sick or injured, the employer will still pay regular salary and provide continued benefits and insurance coverage to the point where the employee qualifies for other income replacement benefits or to a maximum 6 weeks.
I'm glad to see there are still good companies out there who try to treat employees well in the game industry.  I'm actually kinda jealous now :)

Question: How many sick days(and vacation days) do you get from your employer?


  1. hi there!
    well, i have to admit that six weeks paid sick days are the standard here in germany as it is briefed in law... but i think it's very positive that there are companies in kanada or somewhere in the world which do the same without being forced to!

  2. Oh nice.. 6 weeks in Deutschland :) I get 10 working days(2 weeks) from my company, and if i stay over 3 years it becomes 3 weeks... and after 10 years it becomes 4 weeks...

  3. none. I work 6 days per week, from 9 am to 10-11 pm. Flash games development.
    1k pounds er month. Industry rocks.