Feb 12, 2012

Crazy Eye Pain & Headache = MSG Side Effects?

This morning, I woke up with some crazy eye pain, headache and nausea and I had no clue what caused it.  This is my 2nd time having these symptoms.  The first one was sometime last year when I had to call in sick.  I usually don't have headaches.  Just this one is too strong for me to do any normal works: the only thing I can do is just to lie down and do nothing.

Once I got better around 11 PM, I did some web search and now I think it might be related to the high intake of MSG.  According to this site, my symptoms are MSG side effects, and guess what? I went to a Chinese restaurant last night and ate a lot!  Too bad, I don't remember what I ate last time I had this problem.  If I remembered, I would be more certain. :)

Oh well, MSG can be unhealthy anyways, so I guess it's time to cut, or reduce, MSG out of my diet?


  1. Sounds like a vanilla migraine to me. They can happen at any point in your life (I had none until I was 18, then monthly until I was 20, and then maybe 1 a year ever since).

    The MSG might have been a trigger ... it seems like everyone's different in terms of what sets them off. I haven't found any pattern to mine.

    1. was trying to google what Vanilla Migraine is... but I cannot seem to find any webpage describing this? Is there any other name for this?