Apr 9, 2012

Fixing My Stupid Canadian Keyboard

If you buy a laptop in Canada, most of the time it comes with a fucked up multilingual keyboard, which looks like this:

Image source: wikipedia
Look at the left shift key.  It's half the size of the shift key on tje "standard" US keyboard layout.  Sure there are other small difference here and there, but nothing really pisses me off as much as this small tiny left shift key. The key next to the left shift key has really no meaning for non-French users like me, and it doesn't even register any character if you are using EN keyboard on Windows.  But still I'm very used to press in the middle of the longer shift key, so sometimes my left pinky presses the "dead" key... :(

Sure, it's stupid to have this type of keyboards to begin with since there is virtually noone who is still using French in Canada unless you are in Quebec... But whatever, I already have a stupid laptop, so I had to fix it: as long as the weird key next to left shift can be remapped to the left shift key. I should be fine eh?

I googled a bit, Sure there are some manual tricks, including registry tweaks, I could use, but I managed to find a nice small program called SharpKeys, which allows me to remap any keys on the keyboard.  The best feature of this program is that I can just press a key on the keyboard and say "remap what I pressed to the key I'm gonna press now".



  1. No kidding. Whoever decided that the quebecers keyboarding needs should over rule the vast majority should have their you know what's held in a vice for a long time. I used the mapper then also glued a thin piece of very hard plastic onto the real shift key and the adjacent useless one. But there is more. You can end up with a keyboard that needs an Alt + Shift + key to get to @, #, $ and so on. Stupid - really stupid.

    1. yup those ppl believe that being stupidly unique is the only way to preserve their own culture. It reminds me of the failure of communism too. They won't exist or be relevant no more in 50 years top..