Dec 10, 2013

How Much Canadian Programmers Make

I didn't know that Canada government publishes the salary survey information for programmers until today. But here it is.. this shows how much we, Canadian programmers, make for each region.

This shows low, median, high hourly wages and the data is pretty up-to-date. (for example, BC stat is from 2011-2012). To calculate the annual salary out of this, simply use this formula:

hourly wage * 40 (hr/wk) * 52 (wk) = 

Alberta, the oil nation, comes in first, followed by BC and ON. If you are my neighbour living in BC, you should make:

  • low: $44,990
  • median: $79,997
  • high: $131,997

So are you making enough? :P


  1. Interesting... Toronto pays less than Waterloo

    1. Maybe it's because of RIM, the maker of Blackberry, and University of Waterloo?

  2. Possibly, Waterloo is a local tech hub, lots of new startups there. Still, it's a little bit surprising, given that cost of life is much lower than in Toronto.

    1. also should have something to do with what kinda of programming work they do. I can only imaging waterloo area is more higher-tech than toronto area in general...