What is PopeCoin?

PopeCoin is a ERC-20 compliant cryptocurrency which is issued to the people who helped me on voluntary basis. This is to show an appreciation to their generosity, so I do not think PopeCoin will have any real value under normal circumstances. (but if you want to put a million dollar valuation for each, go for it. I have power to mint more PopeCoin to make myself super rich :P)

If you want to "mine" PopeCoin, you should read this whitepaper. One type of miner would find typos or logic errors in the books that I've authored. If he or she was indeed the first person to report these errors, he or she will be awarded with PopeCoin according to the formula in the whitepaper. (I will add a web form where you can report this type of errors soon) Also I gave 1 PopeCoin to the artist who designed the PopeCoin logo shown at the top of this page.

If you are curious about the number of coins in circulation and/or the list of token holders, please go to this link.

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